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You can find more than 40 products in our portfolio. Besides the most popular tomato puree we also produce tasty ketchup, delicious sauces and apetizing mustard.

We stick to our time-tested receptures which guarantee the most varied tastes.

Tomato puree
and crushed tomatoes

Puree from fresh in a practical packaging and with an excellent taste – the puree is a must-have in every kitchen.


Delicious high-quality ketchup made by a traditional recipe. In hot or mild version. In a glass or in a practical packaging for all occasions.


A perfect taste which every mustard lover will be impressed by. It is made from high quality mustard seeds. They will add an exceptional taste to every meal.

Sauces and delicacies

Don't have time to get lunch or dinner ready? Our sauces and spreads are always ready to create a gourmet experience quickly and deliciously. Just heat it up or spread it and you can eat it.

Premium products

For all those who like to treat themselves to food with an exceptional taste. Our premium products made by original recipes and extraordinary taste will satisfy even the most demanding ones.