Tomata Original since 1991

The story of our company

Our company TOMATA is the biggest tomato puree producer in Slovakia. Company was founded in 1991 under the name KOLAGREX Int., spol. s.r.o. in Kolárovo, where resides to this day.

The company was apriori focused on a production of intermediate products – concentrates in aseptic 200 kg packings. We extended our production program by tomato puree, ketchup, mustard, tomato sauces and sterilized vegetable in retail packings. We care about the quality during each phase of our production process – from plant growing to production of goods.

Our company put much effort to maintain our healthy goodnesses in a favor of our customers. That’s why we focus not just on quality of resources but also on modernization of production equipment.

Tomata Original since 1991

Our history

  • 1991Foundation of the company

    Výrobná linka na spracovanie paradajokFoundation of the company and acqisition of a production line from the renowned firm Rossi & Catelli S.p.a. Parma from Italy for a production process of tomato puree in wholesale packing.
  • 2000Beginning of production of retail packages

    Výrobná linka na spracovanie paradajokOur company starts with production of tomato puree and ketchup in retail packing under the brand TOMATA.
  • 2006New product - delicious classic and krems mustard

    Výrobná linka na spracovanie paradajokThe effort to provide something new for a customers gave us a new products – mustard and Krems mustard.
  • 2008A new line of tasty sauces

    Výrobná linka na spracovanie paradajokBy a wish of our customers we developed a new line of apetizing sauces – Milan, Mexican and Bolognese. We also added paprika spread delicious and paprika spread spicy to our portfolio.
  • 2009Fruit program and vegetable mixes

    Výrobná linka na spracovanie paradajokOn an aseptic intermediate base we started a fruit production program by making spreads and apple puree in a various packings. We added traditional vegetable mixes – pickels, letcho, sauerkraut, beetroot and other products to our production program.
  • 2014New product - crushed tomatoes

    Výrobná linka na spracovanie paradajokWe bring the new product to a market – crushed tomatoes, made from the best, in southern Slovakia grew tomatoes.
  • 2016TOMATA, s.r.o.

    Výrobná linka na spracovanie paradajokOur company has changed its name to TOMATA, s.r.o.
  • 2019IFS FOOD certificate

    Výrobná linka na spracovanie paradajokThe production of high-quality and healthy food is our priority. That’s the reason why we engaged in certification IFS FOOD – international featured standards of food in march 2019.
  • 2020New - a premium line of products

    Výrobná linka na spracovanie paradajokOur effort to produce more top-quality products means adding a premium products to our portfolio. These premium products are special due to their extraordinary ingredients - high amount of mustard seeds and tomatoes for 100g of the product, Slovak origin of tomatoes from our fields, gluten and GMO free and also eco packaging with lowered weight of plastic, which can be fully recycled. Even this year the company successfully took part of IFS FOOD certification while our goods got rewarded with Slovek quality and Slovak GOLD rewards. The company also automated another step of our manufacturing process as a part of modernization of a production.
  • 2021QR codes with detailed information about the SK origin of raw materials

    Výrobná linka na spracovanie paradajokThe consumer has a right to know what he is buying. That’s why we cooperate with the company Trace Food and add QR codes to our premium products which identify the Slovak origin of a material and its way from manufacturing hall to a shopping basket.
  • 2022We are beginning to grow our own mustard seeds

    Výrobná linka na spracovanie paradajokThis year, we engaged in cultivation of mustard seed on some parts of our fertile fields which we processed into premium and high-quality yellow mustard. Thanks to this top Slovak product, we were granted prestigious Brand of Quality and Brand of Quality GOLD awards for several of our products. We received the awards at Agrokomplex 2022 food exhibition, where we usually participate to present our company to the visitors, food tasting and introducing the company to the experts for potential cooperation. This year again, our production hall went through a series of innovations and modernizations, resulted in the successful completion of a strict international food safety audit IFS FOOD.
  • 2023New - specialties for the grilling season

    Výrobná linka na spracovanie paradajokCustomer satisfaction comes first. Therefore, as a modern company, trying to flexibly respond to market demands, we are still making progress and expanding our product portfolio with specialties for the grilling season. BBQ sauce, French mustard, or Jalapeño mustard will be appreciated by every lover of exceptional taste. In addition, as part of the expansion to foreign markets, these new products helped us to open the door to the Czech market.


Slovak quality,
traditional recipe

Our own tomato fields, where we grow true, juicy, sun riped tomatoes are our pride. We cooperate with reliable growers of vegetable and fruit only and keep a quality in every phase of the production process constantly.


Our appreciations

The quality of our products is the priority. Over the years, we have received several certificates and awards for our efforts to bring the best quality products on your table.